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1 Second Everyday – Novembro 2017

November was super sunny and full of events, all kinds of them. It started with my 32nd b-day celebrated in beautiful Santiago de Compostela with Luis, canas and tapas. In Guimares #wudccg happened and it was so great to meet everyone. Then little MJ was born, I hiked in this cool weather – but burned environs. At work, chesnuts and jeropiga, some time spent caving, and some time in serious places with serious paintings. Also, we grabbed the house by the horns and we are finally making it a home.


1 Second Everyday – Outubro 2017

Chiça Outubro, ocupado e estranhamente soalheiro Outubro. Deste-me encontros com amigos, eleições, uma agenda de trabalho saltitante, os meus escuteiros, uma bela viagem a Lisboa e um bolo de sangue de morcego.

Wow October, busy busy, and awkwardly sunny October. You gave me meetings with friends, elections, a very non-linear work agenda, my scouts as usual, a great trip to Lisbon and some bat-blood cake

1 Second Everyday – Agosto 2017

Este acampamento nacional sempre com 40º que correu sem incidentes, pic nics, dias ótimos em Bratislava com as minhas amigas e os seus bebés, dias maravilhosos na Croácia e o regresso suave ao trabalho, onde aprendo algo novo. Ah, a M. tem um gato chamado Táxi.

This national always-40 degree scout camp which went without incidents, pic nics, great days in Bratislava with my friends and their babies, wonderful holidays in Croatia and a smooth return to work learning something new. Oh, M. got a cat named Taxi.

1 Second Everyday – Junho 2017

Junho! Foste um mês difícil mas divertido. Fomos a lugares novos e vivemos entre caixotes (ainda vivemos entre caixotes). Sim, aterramos na nossa casa nova depois de demasiados problemas com papeladas. Amigos vieram de Londres, Sidney, Lausanne e consegui estar com todos eles – com uma visita expresso do irmão. Foi um bom mês.

Geez June! You were a kick-ass hard but fun month. We went to new places, and lived among boxes (still do). Yes, we are in our new place after much paperwork trouble. All these friends came from London, Sidney, Lausanne and I managed to be with them all – plus an express visit from brother. This was a good month.

1 Second Everyday – Maio 2017

Em maio tivemos uma festa surpresa, cozinhamos, aprendemos, fizemos pão, ouvimos gaitas de foles e o desporto de “tapear” foi devidamente praticado. Houve a Braga Romana sob muita chuva, mas são sempre uns dias muito divertidos. Cortei o cabelo e aconteceu o Salvador – mas que nunca nos esqueçamos do representante de Montenegro.

In May we had a surprise party, cooked, learned, made bread, heard bagpipes and the sport of tapeo was duely practised. There was Braga Romana under a lot of rain, but it’s always a fun couple of days. Oh, and I cut my hair and there was also Salvador – but let’s never forget Montenegro.

1 Second Everyday – Abril 2017

April was sunny and saw us buying a coffee machine – we’re doomed – and having the first beers after work. M. discovered motion sickness and I discovered Tibães monastery with my kids. It’s really worth a visit. Easter and its processions came, I washed my car for the first time, and saw funny soccer matches. Tasted martini rosso with beer (it’s ok) and treated my b-day father with a fancy dinner. Then one night I was home alone and discovered Snapchat’s filters. I also found Roberto Carlos, lost. Hiked a bit. And danced a lot – k-pop!