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1 Second Everyday – Janeiro 2018

Janeiro com resquícios de natal, caseiro e guloso. Um acidente de carro muito feio mas sem chatices além de qualquer plano de férias, uma novidade boa do Ls que significa que agora temos horários iguais e normais, visitas da Joui, Janeiras, os bebés dos amigos, muitos escuteiros, um livro muito bom, chuva, visitas a família e amigos em Lisboa, frango no churrasco e os meus dias preferidos com frio e com sol.

January with some remnants of Christmas, homey and sweet. A very ugly car accident with no major problems other than any plan for a holiday. A good news at Ls work, which means we now have similar and normal schedules. Visits from Joui, welcoming January, friend’s babies, a lot of scouts, one very nice book, rain, visits to family and friends in Lisbon, chicken al pil pil and my favourite cold and sunny days.


1 Second Everyday – Novembro 2017

November was super sunny and full of events, all kinds of them. It started with my 32nd b-day celebrated in beautiful Santiago de Compostela with Luis, canas and tapas. In Guimares #wudccg happened and it was so great to meet everyone. Then little MJ was born, I hiked in this cool weather – but burned environs. At work, chesnuts and jeropiga, some time spent caving, and some time in serious places with serious paintings. Also, we grabbed the house by the horns and we are finally making it a home.

1 Second Everyday – Outubro 2017

Chiça Outubro, ocupado e estranhamente soalheiro Outubro. Deste-me encontros com amigos, eleições, uma agenda de trabalho saltitante, os meus escuteiros, uma bela viagem a Lisboa e um bolo de sangue de morcego.

Wow October, busy busy, and awkwardly sunny October. You gave me meetings with friends, elections, a very non-linear work agenda, my scouts as usual, a great trip to Lisbon and some bat-blood cake

1 Second Everyday – Agosto 2017

Este acampamento nacional sempre com 40º que correu sem incidentes, pic nics, dias ótimos em Bratislava com as minhas amigas e os seus bebés, dias maravilhosos na Croácia e o regresso suave ao trabalho, onde aprendo algo novo. Ah, a M. tem um gato chamado Táxi.

This national always-40 degree scout camp which went without incidents, pic nics, great days in Bratislava with my friends and their babies, wonderful holidays in Croatia and a smooth return to work learning something new. Oh, M. got a cat named Taxi.

How to spend some hearty few days in Bratislava, Slovakia

Este post e os seguintes vão ser escritos em inglês porque poderão ser mais úteis assim. Quero também partilhar o “relatório” com pessoas que não falam português.

It happened. I went again to one of my cities, my sweet Bratislava, to meet the friends it holds, the corners I’ve known, the corners that have changed. I lived there in 2010, came for a short visit in 2014, and this year we took more time for the comfort of being in a city that does not need to be explored to be known.

On the day we’ve arrived, we met L. and J. and their children. They’ve each had two girls and two boys in these last years. In Slovakia the parents (one of them at the time) are allowed to stay home with their children until they turn three – under some conditions of course.

We all met in Bratislava Magio beach, with real sand and music and a loooot to talk about.


Of course, one of the first stops was Slovak Pub. The place is great, the food never disappoints and the fact that all remains the same, is great. Most bad comments you will read on the place are about the service but…you have to get used to it, most slovaks in services are not smiley and joyful, they do their job and that is it.

So. Kofola, a MUST HAVE in Slovakia and Czech Republic. A replacement of Coca-Cola (forbidden during the USSR) that remained. A fruity, fresh, delicious drink for summer. Also, Kapusnica a sauerkraut and sausage soup with cream that works as a great dinner.


In Bratislava we stayed in a very nice air b’n’b in Rača. Also, we’ve used Uber for the first time – as it is forbidden in Portugal – and became absolute fans. Nevertheless, public transport is wonderful in Bratislava, almost every stop has a ticket machine and the tickets are cheap (0,70€ for a ride). If you’re staying there for a few days I would recommend the IMHD.sk app with all the lines and timetables.

Speaking about public transport, we jumped on a train to meet E. in Pezinok! It was so good to be with her again, and so familiar and confortable.


We went to a pizzeria Lailia. They make good pizzas but what I was waiting for was the bryndzove halusky, which they did very well in this restaurant. Bryndzové Halušky is one of the national dishes in Slovakia. This meal consists of halušky (boiled lumps of potato dough similar in appearance to gnocchi) and bryndza (a soft sheep cheese), optionally sprinkled with cooked bits of smoked pork fat/bacon.

Loved it.IMG_4876

Bratislava has obviously changed a lot in the past seven years. It has cool new places, hipster places, coffee breweries, etc.

Dobre&Dobre is a beautifully designed and decorated caffe serving breakfasts and quick meals. It is also a project from the civic association Vagus, dedicated to helping homeless people.


Right next to Dobre&Dobre there’s this cool lego corner!


When I lived there, I’ve never went to the National Gallery. But we’ve seen posters about the current exhibition and got interested: Fashion in Slovakia 1945-1989. The exhibition was really good and it was funny to see some videos of people dancing in the discos with aerobics gear and such.


After seing two exhibitions, it was time to eat. A great place to go with a group of friends, Fabrika is a big space with good food. I’ve eaten gooey fried cheese – which i loved and missed. Don’t judge (there were veggies).IMG_4901

Then, a place which only serves organic things that come in a bottle. But has a nice garden outside.


Another stop with L.


And then, our Verne, where we always come back to.


The place has a beautiful decor. And I ate something new: lentil stew with sausage.


In Bratislava we rented our car for the Croatia road trip (Avis in Seberinhio 9, we recommend). Our first journey was to my previous house in Petrazalka!IMG_4919

And then we met with beautiful Y. for lunch in Presto BBC 1.


It was wonderful to be back, to be with them, and to see new places like the Petrazalka Drazdiak lake, which I’ve never visited before and is such a nice summer place.


I will, of course, be back.

1 Second Everyday – Julho 2017

Este mês esqueci-me de filmar muitas vezes. Estive na Costa Nova onde conheci uns primos adoráveis do L., estive com a Carolina furacão, experimentei o meu forno novo e apanhei uma grande molha. Acampei, e fui à festa da piscina dos amigos dançantes. Vi sítios novos, dancei muito, usei finalmente o meu cortador de feijão verde, e começou finalmente a S07 do GoT. Depois, ACANAC.

This month I forgot to record my second a lot of times. I was in Costa Nova where I met some of L.’s adorable cousins, I met Carolina hurricane, tried my new hoven and caught this crazy tropical rain. I camped, went to the pool party of our dancing friends. Saw new places, danced a lot, got to use my green bean cutter, and finally GoT’s S07 started. Then, the national scout camp.